There are an assortment of different weapons in Cobalt. Weapons are used to kill enemies and opposing players, all weapons fit into either one of the following categories:


Melee weapons are used to attack just players or bots that are near you, this weapons wont go far. A good example of melee weapon is the Phaser, to use Melee weapons press  A .


Ranged weapons are the most useful weapons in the game and the reasons are obvious. With this weapons you can attack a player from a safer distance, helping to lessen the risk of death. A good example of a ranged weapon would be the Gyrojet Pistol, to use Ranged weapons press  S .


Throwable weapons are good for strategy, in multiplayer it is good to have one of your teammates to use throwable weapons like the Flashbang so the other teammates will attack while the enemies are unable to see what is happening. However other like Grenades are used only in extreme danger or when the enemies are unable to reach you easily, throw it is you think you are going to die so the enemies will have to roll back and stop following you. To use Throwable weapons press  D .

Energy Icon # Name
6 Flashbang
200 1 Grenade Gun
250 1 Gyrojet Gun
250 1 Jet Shoes
250 1 Matter Army Issue
100 1 Shield Belt
10 4 Shield Belt Battery
250 1 Slugger Assault
175 1 Slugger Breacher
80 1 Slugger Cobra
15 1 Slugger Pipegun
190 1 Slugger Revolution
30 1 Slugger Revolver
100 1 Spike Bow
16 5 Stick Grenade
More to come soon.


  • The description of a pickaxe in the Galactipedia Server says "...Made of good old sturdy steel, not of precious gems, as that would be simply ridiculous". This could be a reference to the game Minecraft where pickaxes (along with other tools and armor) can be crafted out of diamonds.