Tomb map and my character in it


Tomb was added in patch 101 as a deathmatch map, it only contains 2 ranged weapon and all the others are throwables.

Like Secret Hideout it has 4 teams instead of 2 ( Blue,Red,Green,Yellow ).


As it only contains 2 ranged weapons is a good idea to be the one who takes it as all the others are throwables, but in case a bot or a friend ( if playing multiplayer ) takes the ranged weapon a good idea would be to get as much stick grenades as you can and throw them at the enemies when you are close to them to avoid missing because it is bad to waste the throwables as there isnt much weapons and if you waste them you will end up melee-ing with your fists which is a terrible strategy, even more when the enemies probably have throwables and ranged weapons.


-Stick grenade x4

-Matter army issue

-Plasma gun