Splash text Explanation Version added
Always point phaser away from body v100ALPHA
Always wear hard hat while brain is exposed v100ALPHA
Arriving on time is second to safety! v100ALPHA
Been turned into a metalface against your will? You can sue! v100ALPHA
Buy Octocream! 45% better* v100ALPHA
Cobalt - It's there to protect you! v100ALPHA
Cobalt - Never leave home without it! v100ALPHA
Cobalt is not microwave oven safe v100ALPHA
Don't LIE! v100ALPHA
Don't look straight into beams v100ALPHA
Experts agree: Purple is the new black v100ALPHA
Got legal troubles? You need Spencer & Pratt! v100ALPHA
'Gravel is awesome because arrows!' - thewreck v100ALPHA
'I eat my cheetos with chop sticks so I don't get the yellow crap on my fingers' - Genius v100ALPHA
'I used to release alphas on a Friday - then I took an arrow to the knee' - Oxeye v100ALPHA
'If not enough thingybob, add more Fairlight' - Anosou v100ALPHA
Never attempt to unscrew brain cover unassisted v100ALPHA
Never shoot homing missiles straight down v100ALPHA
Never trust weather reports v100ALPHA
New emotions are common. Stay calm and carry on. v100ALPHA
Roll - recieve bacon v100ALPHA
Service your metalface regularly! v100ALPHA
The Cobalt Computer - The greatest leap in cyborg research v100ALPHA
Tomorrow's weather report: [Electron Bursts/Meteor Showers/Overcast/Raining/Snowing/Space Debris/Sun Storms/Sunny/Thunderstorms] v100ALPHA
Try not to remember your past life v100ALPHA
While night time is not or less then day time v100ALPHA