The Spikebird is a big bird creature that, contrary to popular belief, can be damaged when attacked from the front, although this causes little damage due to its scales. The spikes on its back, which gives it the name, can be shot out as a projectile. However, when the majority of the spikes are fired, the backside of the Spikebird is vulnerable until the spikes grow back.

It tends to start as an egg, shortly hatching later to attack the player.  Prior to v124, the spikebird was neutral, but now is always hostile.


The spikebird appears to drop large eggs, and smaller gems.


The Spikebird is located in the survival map Survival House. It is in an egg under a concrete ceiling with a hole in it near the main building. It is also in Desert Winds and Safest Gate maps, relatively close to the start building.Edit