Safe GUI Image Credit: hqdefault Youtube

A safe is a manipulatable environment object, similar to a lock or a computer.  Its GUI can be accessed by default up button.  A safe can be opened for loot.

Cracking a SafeEdit

Cracking a safe is useful to gain valuable loot and ammunition.  After opening the GUI, a circular form that consists of seven lines and a circle that point toward the center of the circle will be seen, as well as two arrows on the left and right side.  When left and right (default) are pressed, the circle GUI will rotate left for left key and right for right key.  Each line will click upon rotating past vertical.  One line will click twice or loudly, which means that it is part of the combination.  The safe can be cracked by turning the GUI right, waiting for the loud click, release the right key and letting the GUI go back to center, then turning left, waiting for the loud click, then turning right, waiting for the loud click, and finally letting it slide back to center.  Upon successful cracking, the GUI will display 'Safe Cracked!'

Known Locations of SafesEdit

Two safes have been found in Safest Gate map.  Another safe has been found in Desert Winds, on the far right side.