The Matter Assault (also known as Matter Rifle) is an assault rifle that shoots a matter charge. Standard magazine (Matter) size is 30.

It cost 650 volts to buy it, Similar to the cost of the Plasma Assault, and most upgrades cost 150 volts.

Very powerful weapon with an automatic rate of fire, single shots can be performed, Although it has a low attack damage, the rate of fire makes up for it, highly recommended for any gamemode.

Upgrades Edit

  • Extended Magazine (Levels: 2)
    • Adds 15 ammo capacity.
    • Level 1 costs 125 volts
    • Level 2 costs 325 volts
  • Pointer (Laser sight)
    • Better range/accuracy
    • Level 1 costs 150 volts
  • Scope
    • Gives bullet time bonus
    • Level 1 costs 150 volts

Video Edit

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