A map is the space available to the player during the game. Maps are made with the Cobalt Map Editor.
Maps consist of layers. Each layer group has different properties. Some of these properties, like "RGB color" or "Alpha" can be changed, but some, like the kind of physics' properties of a layer group can't. Different groups of layers got different non-editable properties, and the player is free to add layers to any of the groups.

There are currently 33 maps available, divided into several gamemodes:

List of mapsEdit

Challenge mapsEdit

Combat Challenge mapsEdit

Puzzle Challenge mapsEdit

Currently there's only one map in this gamemode, but it will make your game crash.

Speed Challenge mapsEdit

Deathmatch mapsEdit

Team Strike mapsEdit

Capture the Plug mapsEdit

Survival mapsEdit

Waves Survival mapsEdit

Classic Survival mapsEdit

Bounty mapsEdit

The bounty gamemode is currently not accessible.

Maps that are no longer in the gameEdit

Capture the PlugEdit


Classic SurvivalEdit


User mapsEdit

Using the in-game map editor, users can create their own maps and levels, as well as galaxies by using the galaxy editor. Galaxies can then be used for a map's sky background. User levels installed on your documents\Cobalt\maps folder will then appear inside the "User Maps" menu in the "Play" section of the main menu. Most users rely on the Cobalt Vault website to upload and share their maps.