A computer is a manipulatable environmental object similar to a lock or a safe.  Its purpose is to allow or deny access to certain parts of a map.

Computer HackingEdit

To gain access to a certain area, a player may need to hack a computer.  To hack a computer, first the player must press default up to access the computer's GUI.  To hack in, the player must successfully complete a minigame.  The minigame consists of a ball, a goal, alarm areas, and solid areas.  The object of the game is to get the ball to the goal area without hitting an alarm area.  To play, the player hits a directional arrow key, making the ball jump in the direction of the pressed key.  When the ball hits a solid area, it will stop.  Getting the ball to the goal area will close the GUI after a short animation of 'code' and display the message: 'Computer Hacked!'.  This will allow a nearby door to be opened.

Known Locations of ComputersEdit

There is a computer located in Safest Gate, past the broken wall.