As of v123 Alpha Challenge is a group of 3 sub-gamemodes, each one with different objectives. Unlike in v122 Alpha, all maps are unlocked from the beggining and they are no longer organized in sets. The three challenge gamemodes that exist as of v123 are Combat, Puzzle and Speed.

Combat ChallengesEdit

Combat challenges can have different objectives, but all rely on a 'target' system. Usually, you'll need to free prisioners or kill certain enemies to complete the map, but if you run out of time from the top-right corner timer, you will fail the challenge.

Combat MapsEdit

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Puzzle ChallengesEdit

So far puzzle challenges are an unknown type of challenges.

Speed ChallengesEdit

On speed challenges, the timer is all that counts! Get to the end of the map using the less time possible!

Speed MapsEdit

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