This page lists all the known bugs in Cobalt, if you have come across any bugs, please add them to the list.


  • Chemical vials leave nothing behind when detonated. (May be on purpose.)
  • When in the gun shop on survival mode if you press "esc" or whatever pauses the game, Z and X become unresponsive in the shop, so you have to abort the mission and start up the game mode again.
  • Sometimes when scrolling though the in-game menu the ticking noise (When you're changing what to select) keeps repeating itself.
  • When exiting a game to the main menu, the icons become to large for the screen and go off of the edges, because of the return to game icon.
  • The Flash Bang Throwables don't have the same effect as seen in the trailer. it has a small effect on the accuracy of bot, but not even the vision of a human player is impared.
  • As of 101 update when playing local multiplayer if the 2nd player(and probably others ) tries to choose a character the game will freeze showing a lua script error and later it will re-start the game ( needs confirmation from other users ).